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Salman Khan revives his canvas work

Salman Khan, who is in the form of his life in delivering blockbusters consistently since last 4 years told that he took a break from painting few months ago which has been his clandestine passion.
However recently, he has resumed picking up brush again and use his adroitness, but he has also become a bit cautious about people from his neighbourhood noticing him working with the colours and doing some acrobatic stuff while painting.
A good friend of his said “It’s not as if he had completely stopped painting. While shooting, during breaks, he would start sketching on bits of paper with charcoal. He likes to doodle and experiment a lot.”
People may wonder what does he actually paint, sources say that his paintings depend on what kind of mood he is in but most likely he sketches the pictures of people he likes the most.
Interesting news is that there could be a possibility of Salman Bhai’s painting exhibition soon.

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