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New man in Chitrangada Singh’s life ?

There seems to be a new guy in Chitrangada Singh’s life. Any Guesses??

Well.. if the sources are to be believed then it is none other than her Desi Boy’s  co-star John Abraham.  She has been spotted chilling with John at a Bar in the suburbs of Mumbai. Chitrangada Singh recently shifted base from Delhi to Mumbai in the name of work commitments, leaving behind her golfer husband Jyothi Randhawa and her son Zorawar Randhawa in Delhi.

It all started when Chitrangada Singh immediately agreed to do an intimate scene with John Abraham in their latest movie “I, me aur main”, seeing her enthusiasm left the onlookers puzzled. Whereas on the other hand,  his other co-star Prachi Desai strictly said No.

Jyothi Randhawa has been in a struggling form since the last year and John on other hand has been on an excellent run with his maiden film production “Vicky Donor” getting all the critical acclaim and doing great business as well.
With rumors of Chitrangada Singh and Jyothi Randhawa ‘s split going around and John not able to maintain a steady relationship since his split with Bipasha Basu, this gossip seems to be true.

Hmm, looks like a hot new Bolly couple in the making.



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  1. Mwanamisi Mbaruk

    February 20, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    This has never happened and it will never happen. John is John and Chitrangada is something else.John once said that he is a one-woman man but that was just a big lie.He is just who he is nothing else.

  2. MyOpinion

    February 16, 2013 at 6:46 am

    WTF is wrong with these Indian journalists? They just wrote 2 other articles about John being a one-woman man & his commitment to his girlfriend Priya – the woman he’s been with for the past 2 yrs since his split with Bipasha. Yet here, they’re making him sound like he’s had difficulty maintaining a relationship since his split??? The press needs to get more responsible & stop being home-wreckers & causing problems in people’s relationships by fabricating stories just to get viewers on their sites.

  3. priyanka

    February 12, 2013 at 3:13 pm

    a new hot bolly couple in the making? wtf? have you no respect? it’s like you’re just expecting her to split up with her husband, and for john to just leave his girlfriend and that’s all that matters? you lot are so stupid, think before you speak. seriously really pissed me off when i read that

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