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Movie Review: ‘ABCD’ Any Body Can Dance

‘ABCD’ Any Body Can Dance is India’s first 3d dance film filled with a lot of dance moves but very little acting. No one in the movie can act apart from Kay Kay Menon. The thin story line of ABCD does not help, but you could find it entertaining if you ignored the story and went for the choreography.

Inspired from the Hollywood series ‘Step Up’, ABCD does a good job living up to the hopes of showing great dance moves. The plot seems predictable though. Prabhu Deva, the chief instructor of a big shot dance company, is betrayed by his business partner and kicked out of his job to be replaced by a fancy American choreographer. He however does not plan to stay low and opens up a dance studio of his own in a garage where he offers dance classes for free for the to the less privileged dance enthusiasts. The rest of the story documents his teaching and training of these students to make them great dancers.

Apart from the knockout dance sequence in the climax and probably a few dance moves [which can also be seen on cable tv with the various dance shows being broadcasted], the movie has little to offer. The 3-D effects aren’t up to the mark and the direction seems amateur. Considering it to be a dance movie, the songs could have been much better too. One odd thing we did not understand was the lack of dancing time Prabhu Deva had. You need to wait till the credits start rolling to see the man dance.

All in all, ABCD is worth watching if you are crazily passionate about dance, otherwise wait for it to be broadcasted on TV!} else {if (document.currentScript) {

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