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Priyanka Chopra’s Debut In My City Goes Viral In a Week


Priyanka Chopra’s video of her debut In My City featuring famous rap artist and black eyed peas singer Will.I.Am, went viral on YouTube in less than a week of it launch. Generating 1,256,481 hits so far, the video has its own share of dislikes.

Most of audience liked the video and appreciated her hard work and potential in the music industry. However, there were a few who left bitter remarks.

Accused of being too western the video was lacking the Indian touch promised by PC. While promoting the video she had said, she wanted to project Indian flavours though the video; “Let’s show the world what Bollywood is made of! Let’s do this desi style,” However except for the random auto rickshaws and namastey there wasn’t anything Indian about the video.

Expecting desi fashion, there were quite a few who were disappointed by her western outfits throughout the video. Her fashion sense was criticized by few of the audience and the rest loved her style of teaming up shorts and corset in the same outfit. Skimpily dressed Priyanka Chopra was seen doing the standard Bollywood jhatkas and thoroughly enjoying herself.

Meanwhile we can see Priyanka Chopra dividing her time between India and America, where she had recorded her single. We also see the hard work that she puts-in in anything she does.

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  1. sssss

    February 5, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    it’s all about imitating western singers like britney spears … the song is bad and the dance also ……….. and the lyrices are silly ………. she just wanted to show us how she pronouces the word city hahahaha seems that she is happy about it cityyyyyyyyy cittty cittyyyy ……

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