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Akshay Kumar was a sportsman before an actor!

Akshay Kumar loves martial art and according to him, sports is not played for money.

Akshay said at the press meet of the Golf Premier League that he is a sportsman before an actor. “I am a sportsman first and then an actor. Everyone owns one team (in a sport), but I want to own all the sports. My father was a wrestler, not everyone knows that. For me sports is not a place where you make money.”

“I am here because the Pearls Group is going to enter many sports like kabaddi, cricket or hockey and wrestling. Don’t put that tag on me that I am here for money,” added the 44-year-old, who organizes a karate championship annually.”

Akshay Kumar further stated that it was his skill in martial arts that helped him get a break in films.

He said:“I have been into sports since my childhood. My identity is because of that. I came to films because of martial arts. If someone gave my first film, it was not because of my acting talent, it was because my kick was good.

“You won’t believe when I first came here (to Mumbai), I had not seen a camera. I kept on bringing sports again and again. Now I want to promote parkour and I do it in my ads,”
he added.

Akshay started his career by doing a lot of action flicks. He shifted to comedy with Her Pheri and returned back as the action hero in 2012 with Rowdy Rathore.

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