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Arjun Rampal goes all out to promote Inkaar!

Arjun Rampal is going all out to promote his upcoming film Inkaar. And the actor has every right to do so as this will be his first solo release in six years. While Arjun has has managed to impress critics in some of his movies and earn commercial success, he is excited about Inkaar as it’s his solo film.

Arjun said: “Yes, this is Sudhir’s most commercial film till date,” says Arjun, ‘It is like a whodunit thriller which is told from point of views of both the man and the woman. At times you would see same scenes with same dialogues but from different point of views.”

The team doesn’t plan to get into a messaging zone though.

“A film cannot be preachy. We are not saying that we have a solution. We are just saying that let us please have a guideline around dos and dont’s. Like, if a woman has to go out for a late night client meeting then have 2-3 more people along with her otherwise it could lead to misinterpretation. Today there are IT companies where 50 such cases are reported every month. People should be checked on their behavior as you don’t know who would do what. acheter prozac en ligne ” Added Arjun.

He continues, “Sometimes people have relationships in office and when they go bad, they could get misused. These are the things that we have brought to fore while telling it all in a format which is as commercial as it gets.”

Inkaar also stars Chitrangada Singh and is expected to hit theaters this Friday!}

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