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Anushka Sharma gets drunk to get into character

Anushka Sharma will be seen sharing screen space with veteran actor Pankaj Kapur, besides Shabana Azmi, Imran Khan and Arya Babbar. So now Anushka has to be perfect with her parts in the film. It is heard that, recently, the actress had to get drunk to get into the character of her role. The actress had a tough time as she had no clue how one behaves under the influence of alcohol.

A source says, “Anushka was fretting over the scene because Pankaj is a seasoned actor. Someone suggested that she get a drink just to know what it feels like, so she did. And while rehearsing with a unit member on location in Chandigarh, she ended up having half a bottle of vodka. She got a little high too, but didn’t realise it and went off to her hotel to sleep. The next day, she had a bad hangover and slept till late into the afternoon.”

And so, the scene couldn’t get completed that day, and was shifted to the next afternoon . The source adds, “Anushka was very apologetic when she met Vishal (Bhardwaj, director) and Pankaj the next day, but they think highly of her and were impressed by her dedication. In fact, the entire unit was impressed that she went to such lengths for one scene.”

Finally, Anushka successfully shot the scene in just one take, without drinking.

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  1. funny bollywood

    January 9, 2013 at 2:45 am

    ohh… come on.. dont say they dont drink at all.. most actors, actresses drink and smoke… its nothing to be shamed of anyway..

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