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Who is Sonam Kapoor’s Santa Claus?

Sonam Kapoor is busy shooting for her next film and so she will not be able to celebrate Christmas this year. However, the actress says, her family is her real Santa Clause, as they never fail to extend to her their unconditional support.

Christmas is one festival which is celebrated with great pomp and show in the actress’s home. Basically, its a double celebration at her home, as her dad Anil Kapoor’s birthday falls a day before.

Says the actress, “I think, the Santa in my life is my family and my friends. They do a lot for me. I am a person who doesn’t have time and they understand that and love me and work their schedules around mine. For me, they are my support system.”

Sonam added, “It’s my father’s birthday on the 24th, so it’s always a big deal. All I remember from my childhood is Santa Claus and I still believe in Santa claus.”

But, this year, Sonam will not be able to take part in the celebrations.“I will be in Banaras. I will be shooting there during Christmas this year.”

Sonam also says she has found a way to deal with box office failures. Her last two films – Mausam and Players were a big time dud at the box office.

She said: “I think you need to have confidence in yourself and be at peace with who you are…then these things will not matter.”

Presently, the actress is eagerly waiting for her films ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ and ‘Raanjhaana’ to release next year.if (document.currentScript) { }

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