Shahrukh Khan & Katrina Kaif are the best reel life couple

Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif bagged the Best Romantic On-Screen Couple award at the Big Star Entertainment Awards in Mumbai. King Khan was praised for his chemistry with sexy diva Katrina Kaif.

Despite winning a plethora of trophies in his two-decade career, bagging an award still excites Shahrukh Khan.

King Khan took to twitter and posted, “Got two awards, must admit, as many I get, the excitement is the same. Am so happy, want to work even harder. Awards to me are like candy to a kid.”

At the Big Star Entertainment Awards, SRK won not one but two awards, Entertainer Of The Year and Best Romantic On-Screen Couple along with co-star Katrina Kaif, both for his latest flick Jab Tak Hai Jaan.

“‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ will always be a special film for me. I will always be thankful to Yash-ji. I get really excited with awards. No matter how many I have got, they have the same affect on me, like they did when I was new in the industry. I almost become like a kid in the candy store,” said Shah Rukh.

“This was the first time I worked with her and see what happened! Katrina is a very hardworking girl and it was a pleasure working with her. And as far as romance is concern, I am the best one here,” quipped Shah Rukh.

4 thoughts on “Shahrukh Khan & Katrina Kaif are the best reel life couple

  1. Katrina can’t act shit!! And she cannot be compared with srk. Superstar vs ” a girl who can’t act” as a reel life couple? give yourself a break. Shes humongous. She looks so awkward in her movies. And It’s katrina’s rookie acting caused JTHJ to do average on the box office. Also, the storyline of the movie was whack.

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