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Happy Birthday, Rajnikanth!

Namma Superstar Rajinikanth celebrates his 62nd Birthday today.

Shivaji Rao Gaikwad, later rechristened Rajinikanth was a bus conductor, and today, he is one of the most admired superstars in the world. On this grand day, the film industry recalls what makes Rajinikanth so so so very special.

Viji Chandrasekhar, Rajini’s younger sister in Tamil comedy “Thillu Mullu”, says, Rajnikanth treats everybody equally and that’s why he is so great and special.

“He treats everybody on sets with utmost respect and equal importance. Be it a light boy or a co-star, he doesn’t discriminate for any reason,” Viji told.

She also said that Rajnikanth is a very simple man, who takes success and failure in the same stride.

“I’ve learnt to be simple while working with him on the sets of the film. Though he plays a hero in the film, he is simple in real life. Most importantly, he knows how to take success and failure in the same stride,” she added.

Tamil filmmaker Lakshmy Ramakrishnan said, Rajinikanth doesn’t believe he is a superstar and that’s what makes him one.

“He never believes or wanted to be called a superstar, but he is one because people made him. Superstars are not born, they are made. But if someone desperately tries to be a superstar, they’re sure to fail,” said Ramakrishnan.

Rajinikanth debuted in the year 1975 with Tamil film “Apoorva Raagangal” and has appeared in over 175 films. Rajnikanth shaped his initial career with negative roles. With his gimmicks and dialogue delivery instantly touching a chord with the younger audience, Rajnikanth delivered some of the biggest blockbusters, including ‘Thalapathi’ directed by Mani Ratnam, ‘Annamalai’, ‘Basha’, ‘Padayappa’ and the more recent ‘Enthiran’, a sci-fi thriller.

Southern filmmaker Suresh Krissna, who has worked with the megastar in four Tamil films – “Baasha”, “Veera”, “Annamalai” and “Baba”, feels Rajnikanth is a superstar both on and off the screen.

“So many actors, who’ve been very successful, have come and gone, but Rajinikanth is and will remain a superstar forever. He’s the true bearer of the star tag because people love him on reel and in real life,” said Suresh. He added, “”Baasha” is a milestone in his career.”

“Every event or gathering I attended post ‘Baasha’, at least one question was asked about my experience with Rajini on the sets of the film. People started recognizing me particularly for this film and the popularity I received was inexplainable.”

The actors simplicity, humility and humane nature are what draw the common man to him and this is exactly what makes other stars respect him and look up to him.

Today’s special:- 3D version of Rajnikanth’s blockbuster film “Sivaji” will release today. Also, Tamil film titled “Alex Pandian”, which is named after the character the actor essayed in the Tamil film “Moondru Mugam”, will release its audio, today.

Rajnikanth is presently shooting for his daughter Soundarya’s much-hyped ‘Kochadaiyaan’.

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