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Asin will now take up only serious acting

Asin is always considered a lucky mascot/lady luck for many filmmakers. The actress doesn’t mind such tags, however, she would want to be considered as a good performer, rather than the ‘lucky’ tag.

Explains Asin, “When I look back I want to be proud of the work I have done, no one will remember these numbers. So while these Rs100-crore figures are great, I am now looking forward to doing more meaningful roles as well.”

“I have decided to take a break now, and give myself time. I’m not going to let anything distract me from only taking on substantial roles now, not even the lure of sure-shot hits,” she smiles.

So is Asin aiming at women-centric roles now? Well, the actress says, “No, I don’t mind playing the second-fiddle to heroes, and I’m equally comfortable with the masala fare too, but I want my character graph to be well defined.” However, Asin doesn’t regret any of her roles so far.

“I have enjoyed all my roles that I have done here in Bollywood, but I do crave for more as an actor, I think that’s the nature of our work. It makes us greedy,” she smiles.

The actress was asked if she thinks that male actors have it easy when it comes to better-defined roles.

Asin accepts it to a great extent.

“Roles are definitely written more keeping in mind the heroes, but it would be unfair to say that women get a raw deal. There are quite a few good roles being written for women too and it would be great to do a film with a strong well-written role,” explains the actor.

Now that her latest flick Khiladi 786 has released and has opened to a good response, the actress is all set to treat herself to a nice long vaccation. “It’s been a busy year for me, first with Housefull 2, then Bol Bachchan and now Khiladi 786, so I would like to take a mini-vacation with family and friends before taking on any new projects,” says Asin.

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