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Movie Review: Khiladi 786

After delivering 3 blockbusters this year, Akshay Kumar is back again! this time as Khiladi. First things first, if you’re looking for an entertainer that relaxes you and doesn’t make you think at all then this one is for you. The action is funny in it’s execution and the comedy is hilarious, but in a few scenes.

Khiladi 786 is the return of Akshay Kumar to the Khiladi franchise after 12 years, and damn, he returns in style! Bahattar Singh(Akshay Kumar) is a goon with a very big heart who loves helping cops in Punjab. First of all, he has a very interesting family lineage, a grandmother who is from Africa then his mother who is Canadian and his uncle’s wife is Chinese. Their love story in flashback is extremely funny and will make you laugh till you drop. Now, The only sorrow Bahattar has is that no family is willing to get their daughter married to him. And to make matters worse, his family only wants an Indian bride for him.

Mansukh Lal (Himmesh Reshammiya) has been shown as a loser ever since he joins his father’s business of arranging marriages. Things get worse for Mansukh when he screws up an important marriage before it even takes off, and Mansukh’s father Champak can’t take anymore of his stupidity and kicks him out of the house. Reality hits Mansukh and he realizes that he can’t live like this for ever, and that’s when he gets a golden opportunity. He gets a chance to prove himself if he agrees to find a suitable shareef groom for Tatya Tukaram Tendulkar’s (Mithun Chakraborty) hot headed sister Indu (Asin) who’s in love with a gangster. Now, the catch for Manukh here is that TT Bhai is one of the most dreaded Don in Mumbai and if he goofs up this time around he’s sure to lose his life.

Mansukh agrees to find a groom, and approaches Bhattar with the proposal, Bhattar is more than happy and agrees to get married instantly. Meanwhile, TT and his gang are asked to behave like cops and make sure that no one in Bahattar’s family get even a hint of their true identity.

But Indu doesn’t like Bahattar and spills out all the beans about her family’s true identity. Bahattar, doesn’t mind this at all and somehow manages to win Indu’s heart.

The dialogues are juvenile, but crack you up in some parts. Akshay is a delight every time he comes on screen and his comic timing is incredible. He does full justice to his character and effortlessly manages to bring a smile on the face of the audience. Himesh is okay in his part, and in a few scenes you can make out that he’s trying hard to act.

Asin doesn’t have much to do as Akshay steals the limelight, but to be fair to her, she satisfies with her performance.

Mithun Chakraborty does a wonderful job once again as a sidekick and complementing Akshay and Co. Johnny Lever in a brief role as Inspector Bhalerao Kambli lights up the scene. Watch out for his reference to Kejriwal!

The songs are ordinary except Hookah Bar, which is already scorching the chart busters.

On The whole, if you’re looking for a film that has comedy with lot’s of action , this complete masala family entertainer, Khiladi 786 is for you!}

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