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Imran Khan proud to be a part of Matru Ki Bijilee Ka Mandola!

Imran Khan is looking forward to his next release, Matru Ki Bijilee Ka Mandola. According to the actor, quality of work is way more important than the money.

Imran said recently, “Actors have to worry about their work and not money. Producers are the guys who have to worry about the money.”

“There are films which have done massive business and nobody has liked them. To me, it is important that people should remember my films 20 to 30 years down the line. I should be proud of doing a film. Money will come and go what matters is what do people say when they talk about you,” he added.

Matru Ki Bijilee Ka Mandola releases early next year, and might just turn out to be a big grosser of the first quarter of 2013.

However, Imran feels the release date of a film doesn’t matter.

Imran said: “It really doesn’t matter when the film releases. What matters is, ‘Have people liked the film?’. The best I can say is that I am proud of this film and I am part of this film, beyond that nothing is in my hands.”

D”Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola” also features Anushka Sharma, Arya Babbar, Pankaj Kapoor and Shabana Azmi and is deirected by Vishal Bhardwaj.} else {

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