Priyanka Chopra eager to do a film with Salman Khan!

So, the rumors are then. Priyanka Chopra’s affection for Salman Khan is growing with every passing day. Apparently, Priyanka and Salman were also seen bonding in Dubai, where both were supposed to perform for a show. Reportedly, Priyanka is eager and is grabbing every opportunity to meet Salman as she wants to do a film with him. But that’s not it, Priyanka’s desperation has come to a situation where she is willing to give all her dates and is also ready to negotiate her fee for the film.

Sources further claim that because Salman’s films have a lot of popular songs, it’s an advantage for PeeCee, as she can perform to them at award functions next year. Now, that’s really unusual! However, if both these dynamic actors pair up, we’re sure the cash registers will ring for quite a few weeks because of their sizzling chemistry on-screen.

Meanwhile, Priyanka Chopra is busy shooting for her upcoming film Zanjeer opposite Ram Charan Tej. And if PeeCee and Salman plan on doing a film together, it will only be after Salman Khan’s next release, Dabangg 2. Dabangg 2 stars Salman Khan and Sonakshi Sinha and will hit screens on December 21.

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