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Aamir Khan says Talaash is not a universal film!

Aamir Khan, who is known as the perfectionist of Bollywood, is elated with the response he got for his lately released crime thriller Talaash. Even though the film is not for universal audience, Aamir is happy with the response as he always knew that the film is only for a certain section of people, but has been like by everyone.

Aamir Khan said: “We always knew that Talaash is not universal. Universal films are those which are liked by one and all. Talaash was never meant to be a universal film. In spite of that it did great business being in the mainstream zone. As it deals with the supernatural concept it’s not universal in nature. And when you deal with supernatural there will always be some lot who would say that they don’t believe in it and hence the film is not for them. But remaining 80-90% have liked the film, the response has been good. I am happy that the film is loved by its Target Audience. Talaash might not appeal to all sort of audience. When I had first heard the script even my reaction was the same so I am quite thrilled about that.”

“I am happy with the result as it is not on the lines of masala films like Singham and Dabangg. Talaash is very emotional, sensitive film. We are more than happy to know that the emotion that I went through while shooting for the film, even the audience went through the same emotion while watching it. Moreover, it did good business in the weekend despite the fact that it released on a non-holiday Friday or weekend,” added Aamir.

From the first promotions of the film, everyone thought that the film was a suspense thriller but it’s actually supernatural. When Aamir was asked about why he didn’t say that during the promotions, he said: “If I’d tell you it’s a supernatural beforehand then you would have guessed too much. It was very difficult for us to tell you that it’s supernatural. Even your sixth sense didn’t tell you that it’s supernatural. You rather discovered while watching it. If I open the cards so much then you would have probably not enjoyed it. In fact, I never went ahead and said that it’s a thriller film because the pace of a thriller is fast, there is whole lot of action involved in it and Talaash is not like that. It was always a suspense film and the pace of it is always meant to be slow which creates an intrigue value.”

Ask Aamir if at this stage he looks for one time box-office collection or the repeat value is of much more importance to him. Also how much repeat value Talaash carries? To which Aamir says, “No I don’t think that suspense drama does not have any repeat value. In fact people are liking it second and third time. The more time they are seeing the film they are enjoying it. Talaash does have repeat value. And collections only tell you part of the story. It is always collections combined with audiences’ response that I look for. In this case the collections are outstanding and so is the response. I would not say that 100% reaction for this film is entirely positive as, to be honest, many people may not like a supernatural film and I understand it.”

Aamir also said that films like Talaash should be made more and more as there is still a lot of scope for the suspense/emotional genre.

“I am happy that Talaash is a success because it is a very difficult film to make. In the mainstream we fear to make such kind of films. So when such films work which are so different, which push the envelope and boundaries which in turn gives the creative people a new high and chance to explore their talent” said the 47 year old.

He further added: “Suspense is a great genre which I find very exciting because it’s very intriguing as you don’t know what’s going to happen next. I think we really have lot of space for suspense in our industry as we don’t make that many suspense genre films.”

Aamir added that the entire credit for the films tremendous business goes to director Reema Kagti. He said: “The credit for the success of this film entirely goes to director Reema Kagti. I think as a director and writer Reema has really come up with a beautiful film and has well put on-screen. Every one attached to the film has done a good job but above that it’s Reema’s work which needs to be credited and appreciated.”

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