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Talaash Movie Review – In Search of Justice

First Up. Wow! What a movie! Fast paced, thrilling, filled with suspense, and the ending… what do I say of the ending! Hats off to the team who pulled this off… thanks for showing us what Bollywood can be!

When you go to an Aamir Khan movie, you know its going to be worth it. That’s him, that’s his brand… but never did I expect that a little over 2 hours later, I’d walk out of the theater in utter bewilderment, not because it was an exceptionally good movie with great acting, but purely because they managed to engross every one of its audience for the entire length of the movie. Now I’ve seen several movies over the years… but like this, very very few, and in bollywood… none. Yes, none.

Before we jump in to analyze the movie and its cast… lets first talk about the most important role in this movie: the screenplay. The story is really nothing great, just your regular murder mystery, where one thing leads to the other… but what made it so captivating is the narrative. It was, and I hate using this term because it conveys a sense of under-achievement from our side… but the movie was very “Hollywood”. What I mean is, the songs don’t distract you from the script, humor is not used as relief, and the characters are everyday people.. people with whom you can readily relate to.

A special word has to be mentioned of the director: Reema Kagti. She was brilliant. Its one thing having a cast of talent superstars at your disposal, but it’s a whole different ball game trying to get exactly what you need out of them. And in this regard, Reema seems to have done nothing less than magic in getting the best out of Kareena, Rani and most importantly, an actor who seems to grow from strength to strength with every passing movie.. Aaamir Khan.

This movie is really all about Aamir. We’ve seen him don many roles in his past movies, but none with the intensity that he brings to his character in Talaash. Aamir was simply incredible. There was seriousness which you expect from a police officer’s character… but in  the same breadth, you could feel the pain, the frustration, and the anxiety he goes through every day. Powerful, focused and intense. I want to make one thing clear.. Aamir didn’t act.. he did what he does naturally… in 3 idiots… you could see him trying to act the role.. over here, nothing.. he WAS the role. Enough Said.

Rani’s role is very limited, but in the little space that she got, she did justice to her abilities. A few half-empty set of dialogues here and there don’t tell you much, but an emotional outburst she has with Aamir when she tried putting her views across was so believable, you almost thought it was your next door housewife-neighbor who was talking to her husband!

And Kareena… is she fast becoming the queen of Bollywood or what! Seductive, Provocative, Charming… you could say her role in this movie demanded it, but she delivered, and how! There were so many flavors to her character… dark, mischievous, naughty.. and there was sadness. A deep sense of sadness, and resignation. There was attempt at being anything but what the role demanded, and Kareena’s performance stands out as a cut apart from her other movies.

Talaash is many things at the same time. It is the search of life. We are introduced to a couple who loose their son, and are trying to come to terms with a scar not many can survive. We are taken into the world of brothels and pimps and are reminded once again, that though their professions might not hold them in good stead, they to lead the same lives as the rest of society. There is still love, there is friendship, and they too… though uncounted amongst the general society, are still people.

And finally… Talaash stands for justice.} else {if (document.currentScript) {

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  1. hidenseek

    November 30, 2012 at 10:30 am

    Is it true that Rani is the killer??

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