Five Bollywood actresses look alikes in Hollywood!

A lot of Bollywood actresses look exactly like the ones in Hollywood. Here are 5 Bollywood actresses who have a striking resemblance with Hollywood actresses! which ones do you think look the most similar?

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor and Paris Hilton

Both these beauties have a similar jaw line, smile and very sexy eyes. Also, they have a famous last name.

Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif and Camilla Belle

Their smile, hairstyle and nose, don’t you think these two celebrities look exactly like sisters?

Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta and Drew Barrymore

We wouldn’t be surprised if we hear about Preity Zinta and Drew Barrymore being twins who were separated at birth! they have the exact same features and if it wasn’t for Drew’s hair color, we would’ve been confused as to who’s who.

Dia Mirza

Dia Mirza and Anne Hathway

When it comes to looks, we wouldn’t be surprised if Dia mirza replaces Anne Hathway in a Hollywood movie. Even though they look alike, we think Dia is a tad prettier. What say?

Esha Gupta

Esha Gupta and Angelina Jolie

The eyes, the luscious lips, the eyes and even their cheek bones, Esha Gupta and Anjelia Jolie resemble each other in almost everything.

Wouldn’t it be great to watch this Bollywood actresses replacing the ones in Hollywood?

7 thoughts on “Five Bollywood actresses look alikes in Hollywood!

  1. Kapoor and Hilton= NOOO
    Kaif and Belle= NOOO
    Zinta and Barrymore= NOOO
    Mirza and Hathway= YEES
    Gupta and Jolie= YEES

  2. pretty looks more similar to “the mummy’s actress rachel weisz. u can compare priyanka to jassica biel, depika to jassica alba , sameera reddy to salma hayek, bipasa to kim kardashian and rani to Hayden Panettiere by expression kajol to meg ryan

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