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Aamir Khan takes tips from policemen for Talaash!

Aamir Khan, who is popularly known as Bollywood’s perfectionist, has left no stone unturned to fit perfectly into the role of a policeman for his upcoming crime/thriller Talaash.

Reportedly, Aamir interacted with Policeman who were on patrol in the night to know more about their work after sundown. He went through this trouble just so that he could give the perfect shots for Talaash.

Aamir will be seen as inspector Shekhawat, and in the film most of the shooting has taken place after sunset..

A source said: “Almost all of the major scenes have been shot during the night. Since the shooting would take place after sunset, there would be cops on the sets. Aamir often chatted with them asking details about their work and inquiring about the places that they would visit often.”

Another source said: “Night seems to be a key player in the film’s storyline. The idea of making this film had also stemmed from an incident involving cops that was witnessed by Zoya and Reema who then wrote this project.”

Talaash is directed by Reema Kagti and also stars Kareena Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee. The film will hit screens on the 30 of this month.

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