Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie review by Mr Inkenti

A friend of mine who saw the latest Bond film SKYFALL remarked that the Bond he grew up with is “gone”. Similarly, the SRK I grew up with is gone, but unlike my friend who liked the new Bond I dislike the new SRK-Yash Raj film I just saw. Sure, this seems to be time for super-hero’s of all kinds to reflect, resurrect, and move on. We saw this with the Dark Knight, James Bond, and now with Yash Chopra—when Katrnina Kaif is the new Chopra heroine you know Bollywood romances have entered the dark ages. Unfortunately, with due respects to Yash Chopra, he fails miserably to resurrect the musical-emotional love stories for the new era. I am a simple guy, I don’t mind characters questioning the relevance of their existence, but all I want is a movie that entertains—Jab Tak Hai Jaan fails to entertain. Period.

I hereby propose two theories: first, Mr. Chopra an 80 year old man himself must have been suffering with some sort of senility and forgot many fine points. Just like his protagonist, he too seems stuck in the past—Shahrukh Khan is apparently 25 or 28, earning part-time wages, he is a waiter, but looks more like an owner of the restaurant, he simply joins the Indian Army, leaves it to go to London in less than 24 hours notice and rejoins it as though the bomb diffusing squad has been contracted out to a private firm. Thus, the film is a product of Yash Chopra’s own senility. Second, Aditya Chopra who shares the credit [and in my opinion, the shame] for story actually directed this movie [btw, it is quite common for assistant directors to handle the affairs on behalf of the director]. When Papa Chopra was shown the film, he simply couldn’t believe what he saw and you know what happened.

Ok, enough of my theorizing. Samar Anand [SRK] is a young lad doing part time wage jobs in London, falls in love with a rich girl Meera [Katrina Kaif] who is about to be engaged, she too falls in love, accident, Meera prays that if SRK lives to the see the next day then she will leave him, which he does so SRK heads back to India to join the bomb diffusing squad. Please do not ask me where the acquired the skills to diffuse bombs because what he was doing in London was selling fish, singing songs and as a waiting on people. Akira [Anushka Sharma] is irritatingly energetic and falls for what she considers to be old-school love compared to her date-today and break-up tomorrow kinda love. Again, accident in London, Samar loses memory, Meera helps out, and then after 10 years of separation [and apparent celibacy] they unite. By this time, Samar has diffused 108 bombs in the Kashmir Valley and Akira has become a major documentary film maker for Discovery Channel [I expect the channel’s image to take a beating after this]. All this shown in 2 hours and 56 minutes…the editor must have worked hard to cut down 4 minutes of the movie.

All his life, Yash Chopra showed the beautiful hills of Switzerland and for his last film he decides to show the Kashmir Valley infested with bombs!—did he really think it will help Kashmir tourism? Katrina Kaif is most comfortable in London-based movies and looks hot in the dance sequences where she wears a two-piece, thats it. Anushka repeats her usual Delhi-type character. A R Rahman’s music is just fine with Jiya re Jiye being the best. Shahrukh looks like a fool faking the guitar in the song Challa. For some reason A R Rahman does not augur well for SRK films. Aditya Chopra proves once again that the affairs of Yash Raj films (YRF) are in his most incompetent hands, but miracles do happen when some bright young director dishes out something fresh for YRK.

And now, coming to Shahrukh Khan. Since the 1990s, for romantic films he is the Batman, Superman, Bond all combined. In 2012, SRK the romantic character has run its course as he looks totally jaded [too many cigarettes, perhaps] and out of sync with his character. While Om Shanthi Om shined on the creative power of its director, SRK really needs to play roles like he did in Chak De or Swades. It is interesting to see how rudderless SRK has become at 45, while his contemporaries Aamir Khan and Salman Khan after losing out to SRK in the 90s-mid 2000s finally seem to have found their mojo! Aamir will make intelligent movies and Salman will make complete massala entertainers. What SRK needs is to first start looking fresh and healthy. Next, he needs to start thinking about what roles he will play, stories he will select because he certainly cannot be playing these idiotic roles. This film is officially the last film for SRK as a lover-boy. Every super-star goes through this phase and I hope he is lucky enough to get a director who can understand this and turn around his image. In my view, Chak De and Om Shanti Om was his previous peak. As an aside, all of SRK’s hits include either all or a combination of the following elements: mother sentiment, a scene where he is running with long coats, and a fight sequence where he bleeds profusely from the mouth. Jab Tak Hai Jaan had none of them.

Sure, Jab Tak Hai Jaan will collect a ton of money, but that is not the point anymore. In the times we live today, even Golmaal-type movies list in the top earners! This movie is a flop and with SRK will have lost so much more charm with the masses. For those in India, watch Son of Sardar and for those in US…watch this film on Soku! For those who are Yash Chopra’s fans, revisit his classics and forget this one.

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41 thoughts on “Jab Tak Hai Jaan movie review by Mr Inkenti

  1. This is such an honest review ! JTHJ is an over hyped sleeping pill. YashRaj must have been buying the movie tickets themselves.

  2. Hey Inkenti Goon, are you from moon.?. Salman’s paid [cheap] dog why sooooooooo greedy for money and for cheap publicity. ?? you can not destroy Shah Rukh Khan. SRK the KING of Bollywood… SRK you are the BEST, we love you soooooooooo….. much.

  3. Hello…. Inkiya who are you????? Are you mad????? Plz go to a Mental Hospital. JTHJ is a superb film and a BOX OFFICE HIT. Hey IDIOT did you get agreed amount from salman bhaiya. SRK YOU ARE ROCKING. WE LOVE YOU ALWAYS n GOD BLESS YOU.

  4. Inkentiya you are a real looser. do not insult people like SRK. What ever you said, you can not destroy SRK’s image. Shah Rukh Khan is a Global star. you are a salman’s cheap dog.
    Hey be a man stupid.

  5. boring movie…bad acting.no expressions..i dun understand the reason for such a long story..very true review..dun understand the reason of its business.. srk needs to take rest.so that he may be able to look fresh n act well.. anushka was much better than both of others

  6. I totally agree with this article.Movie was boring(especially 1st half).I am so proud of the writer of this article,atleast he has guts to write the truth.

  7. well mostly people specialy girls like srk bcs girls always like those person who is gay or type of body like lesbo girl wich is exactly he his srk ugly face gay boy cc guy so other guys relex its about gay or lesbo type lover so y u dont agree yes srk k is king of gay or ugly face man so jo hai so hai

    1. Are you talking from personal experience???? SRK ain’t gay or ugly but you sure sound it. We are talking about the movie not your opinion on SRKs personality.

  8. Well, I am the biggest fan of SRk on the planet, but totally agree with almost all points you mentioned here. I’ve been waiting for this movie since day 1 but the day I heard songs I knew it, Yash Chopra has lost it. Not for a second this films gives you a glimpse of Y.C or SRK we have been grown up with.

    SRK is the Synonym of Romance. he will be forever but he needs someone to portray him well. +1 that he dont look as fresh and healthy as other Khans but still the first person comes to your mind when it comes to Romance Genre its SRK. he is the definition of Love.ROmance. SRK you taught us how to love so we still love you for that. hope B.Town finds someone sensible like Y.C and we go back to those Love Stories era with ofcourse SRK opening his arms with dimple smile.

  9. Dude u clearly don’t know what your talking about. SRK WAS THE KING OF ROMANCE AND HE IS STILL THE KING OF ROMANCE. i can clearly see the hatred for SRK coming from you. i haven’t watched the movie however from what i can c in the trailer is enough to show SRK’s skills. As for comparing him to Salman and Aamir, i don’t know what your thinking coz atleast he shows varieties in his acting unlike salman who is only gud for action films and where less acting and more action is required. Aamir khan just thinks he is too gud to be in this industry by gracing everyone with one or maybe too films a year or couple years. So dude lets just say u need abit of thinking before giving your reviews on superstars

  10. No point in talking about what SRK won in the past…..he is now OLD AND LOOKS OLD. I agree witht he reviewer, he needs to find his niche again….those cigarette wrinkles on his face are not attractive, especially with these young women. Amir and Salman are older yes, but Amir has got the serious thing going on, Salman the bad ass thing going on….SRK I still love you and your movies are my FAVs, but time to step up your game. Nuff said.

  11. your review sucked………..you probably do too – fyi – i for one loved this film – movies like this help you forget your own problems……even temporarily & this movie did that for me……so i really do not know what the hell you’re talking about. seriously – find another job , you stink at this.

    1. yes they help us in forgetting our problems and get indulged in problems of those who really dont matter.. srk should die at the end ..then it could be more interesting

  12. Well girls love SRK coz he is amazing, guys like Mr I hate him coz they cant be like him hence jealous. As for ‘logic’ in an Indian film……well dear you are clearly in the wrong ‘wood’ i suggest you head to Hollywood ( i can hear them calling you). As for calling Mr Chopra senile, i think you are getting senile since SRK has not played romantic lover boy for quite a while, and hell does he do it well!! His genre is versatile unlike Salman who makes brain dead movies for comatosed people (you i guess are one of them).
    PS: bit of respect for the departed wont kill you Mr I

  13. who is this Jackass named ” Mr Inkenti ” ???? Servent of SALMAN KHAN??? such a douchebag…. who does even allow these dweebs to comment on Epic films like JTHJ… ???
    Get a life jerk….
    AMITABH BACHCHAN : JTHJ is Shahrukh’s best movie after SWADES…..

    1. please give us glasses with which you watched that movie..i really need ..you can easily use this movie as sleeping pill..hahahahah

  14. The reviewer is right. SRK sucks. All he does is overact. He’s a copy cat of Michael J Fox. I don’t know why stupid people and media is so obsessed with him. Aamir is the true actor.

    1. shahrukh has won more than 14 fimfare
      Shahrukh is known as king of bollywood
      Shahrukh has his own life to and whatever he earned is his own hardwork
      He became the King from a boy having lost his both parents and barely had any money to spend in a single day
      He is an internationally recognized actor, producer, philanthropist, and a Brand
      Thats why MR.

      1. So what that still does not change the fact that he copied Michael J Fox. He overacts constantly. He’s overrated and over-hyped in the media.

  15. Pathetic and obiously baised review. This review must have been paid by Salman & Amir Khan.
    Reviewing the movie reviewer!!!!
    1. This movie is about romance. Why would the director show bomb defusing training in this movie?
    2. Is Switzerland a requirement?
    3. All actors play role in movie. Why does SRK need to play guitar like a pro.?
    4. Only weak movies depend on songs. Song is not a factor here.
    5. It seems the reviewer didn’t watch SRK Don 2. It will take ages for Salman and Amir to compare skills with SRK

    1. don 2 was the worst i have seen ..fake action..it seems you are watching a b grade copy of a hollywood movie produced and directed by bollywood…srk should settle his physique so that he may fit into an action role

  16. A very harsh review. The movie is not only about the actors, its about everyone involved in making a film. As a film critic, you need to review the movie as a whole. Also, your review was only about SRK, and from where did Salman and Aamir come in this review?

  17. SRK is the king, while yash ji was the a philosopher of romance. JTHJ will be a real movie while SOS will be a masalla. only non-sense peoples are fans of masala. because they cant face reality.

  18. rather than watch a bullshit copy movie like Son of sardar it is more bettr to watch a new movie with some mistake…..once again JTHJ will rockzzzz….and love u SRK

  19. even i though it was crap…wasted my money..Katrina can do the tragedy queen act good..but she fails miserable in others acts..unfortunately she can nvr ACT..its not her cup of tea…sorry..Anushka is really natural..the only good thing about the film ws her and Srks chemistry..unlike SrK-Kat where u can clearly see SRK mid life crisi trying 2 touch and kiss a girl..taking advantage..but even Anushka..she does the same role agagin and agagin.woonder if she can actually do something else. :/ the film was CRAP..wid due respect 2 Yash ji..unfortunately..Heer song was the best..

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