Priyanka Chopra in LA to promote debut single!

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is really excited and happy because of the response she got to her debut single In My City. The actress is flying high these days, as she is now in LA to promote her single on America’s popular reality music show X Factor. PeeCee is all set to make an appearance on the show.

That’s not it, Priyanka Chopra gets to shoot for the X Factor episode with the popular Brit boy band One Direction. Oh, we know this because Priyanka recently tweeted her pic with the X Factor gang. In fact, because of all the shuffling between LA and Mumbai, Priyanka has hardly spent time with her family, and she missed her mother so much that she had her flown down to meet her in LA! Well, that’s very sweet of Priyanka who managed to do so even with her hectic schedule.

In fact, PeeCee is also going to miss celebrating Diwali with her family. On the other hand though, Priyanka is also excited about being on X Factor. We got a sneak peek into what she’s wearing on the show, and must say she is looking like a million bucks.

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