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Shahrukh Khan: I miss Yashji the most when i see him on Television!

Shahrukh Khan’s first biggest hit was DDLJ, and tat film was directed by none other than Yash Chopra. In fact, Shahrukh Khan became popular because of Yash Chopra’s movies, and at a recent promotional event for his upcoming film Jab Tak Haui Jaan, Shahrukh spoke his heart out about the way he feels after Yash Chopra’s sudden death.

Shahrukh Khan said: “I am not feeling sad that Yash Chopra is not between us. I am not feeling his absence. He has not gone and still amidst us. He is there somewhere in the air somewhere surrounding us like oxygen. I miss him the most when I see him on Television or when I see his name in my mobile phone and feel like dialing.”

“I feel fortunate to have worked with him. I feel happy when people talk about his body of work. His work will be ever remembered for another 500 years. I think it’s an overwhelming feeling as there are so many good memories about Yashji to be talked about. He has touched the lives with his good work,” he adds on, “Yashji always wanted, through his films, to be able to spread happiness and not anything otherwise. Jab bhi maine unse baat ki unhohne yehi bola ki badi khushi hui ki logon ko khushi hui film dekhke. There were different subjects – thrillers, romantic subjects, social dramas, action films, but one thing that stood common was that people should be happy. That’s why he always chose Diwali (the festival of light & happiness) or, perhaps, Diwali chose him as the day. Most of his films came out on Diwali. So we come here to celebrate his cinema, his work, his life, his 50 years of dedication to the industry and happiness through JAB TAK HAI JAAN.” He added.

He also spoke about how he wishes that Jab Tak Hai Jaan should be a life time experience for all his fans and all the people who watch the film.

“I hope JAB TAK HAI JAAN should be a life time experience when it releases. Inshallah! we all will experience that legacy of happiness that Yashji carried with his films,” pharmacy online usa He said.

“Every other person has this misnomer that during the film release or making the film Yashji used to discuss a lot about films. Surprising as it may sound but the least topic to be discussed with Yashji used to be films. On the contrary we used talk about life; there were many instances of my parents which I used to relate with him. Similarly, he could relate the instances of his sons – Adi & Uday with me. My relationship with Yashji was beyond films and more than that. We never really sat down strategizing about film or talked about the film’s marketing. For him films were whatever he felt around he tried to convey through celluloid,”

While taking about Yashji he even jokingly hinted how much supremacy he could enjoy under Yash Chopra’s presence at the press meet, which was also attended by leading ladies Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

Finally, SRK finally ended talking about the even and how important it was for all three, including Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma, to be present at the press meet of the film. He said: “This is a big event as all three of us have come together for the first time on same platform to talk about the film. As a matter of fact jab tak Yashji the mere bahut chalti thi ab toh maine inko (Katrina and Anushka) ko chuppa ke rakha tha so that I steal all the limelight for this film. Lekin ab who nahi rahe in ladkiyon ki chal rahi hai.”

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