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Priyanka Chopra, the lady with a golden heart

Priyanka Chopra was in a very generous mood recently. The actress returned a paycheck of a whooping Rs 18 lakh to film producer, KC Bokadia who was financially distressed.

It is heard that director and producer KC Bokadia of the much delayed film Deewana Main Deewana, starring PeeCee and Govinda in the lead, after much struggle, managed to send his leading lady a cheque for Rs 18 lakh that he owed her. However, PeeCee returned the cheque to him, graciously.

Bokadia, recalling the incident, told, “I couldn’t believe my eyes when the cheque was returned to me. I had sent Priyanka a cheque for Rs 18 lakh which I owed her. She refused to take it saying, ‘Bokadia Saab, I can’t take money from you’. I am overwhelmed by her generosity. Times have changed. Emotions have no place in filmmaking today. And yet, Priyanka, in spite of being one of the busiest stars today, has gone out of her way to complete my film.”

Leave alone returning the paycheck, the actress even extended her shooting dates to seven extra days, to complete the film.

“In spite of being so busy, Priyanka gave me seven days of her time to re-shoot. Without her co-operation, I wouldn’t have been able to complete the film. She is my only USP. I am now ready to release my film on November 23,” he said.

Recollecting the past, Bokadia said, “During the making of Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam, Shah Rukh let go of Rs 95 lakh of his payment because of my financial condition. When I insisted he take the money, he argued, ‘Arrey Bokadia Saab, I can make that kind of money in one evening by dancing at a function. Right now you need the money to complete your film.’ After Shah Rukh, I’ve seen the same kind of generosity in Priyanka.”

Reports have it that Priyanka has even promised the film maker to go out and out to promote the film.

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