Aamir Khan spends time with Shahid Afridi in Mecca!

Recently, Aamir Khan had said that he would take his mother to perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia. A few days later Aamir was off to Mecca with his mother and a few relatives.

A few days back, Aamir Khan was seen bonding with Pakistani cricketer and ex-captain Shahid Afridi. Both of the seemed to be having a wonderful time talking and laughing over a few things.

Apparently other celebrities were also present at the occasion, Shahid and Aamir also spoke with Maulana Tariq Jamil, who was talking to them about the importance of Hajj and how to do it right.

Aamir Khan will return from Mecca in the first week of November, after which he will get busy with the promotions of his upcoming film Talaash.

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