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Arjun Rampal all set to make his debut as a DJ!

Just like last year, this year too Arjun Rampal promises that the F1 after parties will be a blast. And to make things more happening, the actor has decided to make his debut as a DJ. Yes, Arjun will be seen behind the console, spinning some crazy beats on the F1’s finale night. And this time he has also decided to exclude pop singers and focus more on international DJ’s and entertainers from the famous Cirque Du Soleil to take partying to the next level in his after parties.

Arjun Said: “I will make a debut (as a DJ), but I don’t put myself anywhere near to people like Emery.”

Arjun Rampal has decided to play on Sunday’s finale night, along with British electronic dance music producer Gareth Emery and ‘two hot and sexy girls’ from the electroverts, playing their music.

This is F1’s second season. and like last year Arjun will be organizing the after parties too. he said: “We are going with more of a DJ line-up this time.”

This time with the prices for the party have been increased so that it can be a private affair. The Passes will cost 15,000, 20,000 and 25,000.

Arjun said: “It should be fun, and it will be a more private and intimate affair, with just about 600 to 650 people.”

The cover charges also include food and drinks.

When asked about what he has finalised for the menu, Arjun said: “There will be mainly finger food – pizzas, tacos, and to add a dash of Indian flavour, there will be the evergreen chicken tikka and also shawarmas. Nothing heavy from the Indian platter.”

The last season saw a lot of celebrities making an appearance, this time it’s expected to be the same!

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