Which is Katrina Kaif’s best film?

Katrina Kaif has come a long way since she started her career. The anglo beauty has been a part of some of the biggest
hits in the film industry. According to you which one is Katrina Kaif’s best film?

Singh is King

Katrina plays the role of an up-town girl in the film. She’s done a good job in the film.


Rajneeti is without doubt her best film. Her acting in the film is superb and she won praises for her role in the film.

Ek Tha Tiger

She came together with Salman Khan once again in ETT. The movie became the biggest blockbuster of the year.

Meri Brother Ki Dulhan

Her role in this film was really superb. She essays the role of a bindaas girl who isn’t afraid to try anything new.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

After you watch her in ZNMMD, you’ll wish that all scuba instructors were that hot.

20 thoughts on “Which is Katrina Kaif’s best film?

  1. Her best role is the one she plays in real life – where she convinces India that she’s half-Indian! I love that one! Kat, can we please see your real father’s passport?

  2. Then again…maybe Katrina is a good actress. After all, she’s still pretending to be half-Indian & trying to convince people that her father is from Kashmir. Sure Kat, we believe you.. (wink, wink).

  3. i agree with zay… kat is improving but again com-on after 9 years she is still improving…. and yeah i doubt if she could be able to do films like Barfi,,, TDP etc

  4. I have seen 3 movies out of 5, and i have to disagree with Mera Brother ki Dulhan. The only thing she was good at was jumping around like a monkey… As for Singh is King, she was hardly in the movie, apart from dancing on some songs…thats leave Rajneeti know she did do a good job, but then there was multi star casting. She has hardly done serious roles..Most of the movies she has done are comedy…She should think about taking on some different roles…

  5. Katrina’s best films were the ones she never starred in! She’s still just pretty arm candy & adds nothing but gloss & glamour. Sorry but if you’re a paid actor, then being able to act well should be a minimum mandatory expectation. Give Katrina a heavy author-backed role like The Dirty Picture, or Priyanka’s roles in Fashion or Barfi & see if she can carry a film like that on her shoulders after all these years in the biz. I highly doubt it!!!

  6. She’s always the girlfriend in every movie. She’s never the lead. This question is relevant to Vidya Balan, not Katrina Kaif.

      1. Watch her movies well she is hardly there. Her costars does most of the movies…. Moreover she is not even versatile (in almost all her movies in the climax she realizes that she is marrying the wrong person.I JUST HATE THIS). But I think she was okay in MBKD but in the others nufff said…

      2. WTF??? Still improving? After 9 years in Bollywood & over 25 films later? Would your boss pay you a lot of money for still “trying” to do your job after 9 years? I don’t think so!!!

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