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Shahrukh Khan hurt by death of his make-up man!

Shahrukh Khan was is saddened by the death of his make-up man. Ravi Indulkar has been Shahrukh’s make up man for more than a decade and also did his make up for the most awaited film of the year Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Reports say, that Ravi wasn’t well lately and was admitted to the hospital where he passed away because his lung failed.

SRK took to twitter to express hi feelings over Ravi’s death.

He tweeted: “My friend, father figure & make up dada, Ravi Indulkar passed away today. Feel a part of my life has been extinguished. Miss u Dada…”

Shahrukh Khan also attended Ravi’s funeral at Amboli Crematorium on Wednesday evening.

“The first smile I used to see was of Ravi dada who touched my face gently in the morn & hid it from the glare of the world. Laid him to rest,” Shahrukh Khan added.

On tuesday, while Ravi was in the hospital, Shahrukh got his make up for done for his special appearance on Kaun Banega Crorepati by Ravi’s son.

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