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Saif Ali Khan will wear a Benarasi brocade ‘achkan’ for his wedding!

Raghavendra Rathore, who is known as the nawab of fashion, is designing Saif’s outfit for his wedding. The designer called Saif Ali Khan “most stylish” but “non-fussy”, and said that he has created a Benarasi brocade ‘achkan’ for Saif Ali Khan, to wear on his D day.

Saif Ali Khan, is getting married to his long time girlfriend, Kareena Kapoor on Oct 16. Rathore said: “I’m working with him for almost an year now.”

“Few months ago, he mentioned that he is probably going to get married soon. So I told him to let me know the right time. Then, three months ago, we spoke and finalised the dates,” added the designer.

He has designed an achkan sans any embroidery for the main function apart from working on “eight-nine other looks”.

“We have given him a lot of ‘bandgalas’ and lots of breeches for three to four days of functions. He is free to wear whenever he wants. The only thing that has been fixed is the main function attire – an ‘achkan’,” said Rathore.

He says for the achkan, he took references from attires and styles of Saif’s late father, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi.

Rathore added, “The outfit for the main function personifies Saif’s personality. We also discussed about what his father wore and what he looked like in the old-world theme. We spoke about his father’s outfit and saw a couple of clipping too.”

“One can see very classy, tight-fitted, customised pieces that can be called ultimate couture. He was very keen to carry the brocade idea forward so the outfit is made in Benarasi brocade and is paired with Jodhpuri breeches and turban. The look is classic and he is wearing his set of dual buttons with that. Also, to match the outfit of his wife, we have given him a pocket scarf.”

“Gold has been the theme for the ‘achkan’. Also, lot of classic and bio-degradable fabrics, including Benarasi brocades, silk, cotton and velvets have been used. We have avoided fabrics like polyster. Everything has been sourced from specific regions of the country.” ٌٌٌ Raghav said .

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  1. roose

    October 15, 2012 at 2:51 pm

    bollywood clebden plz put the pictures of the wedding fast tomorrow is their wedding

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