Salman Khan has a new weapon in Dabangg 2!

Excited to see Salman Khan play the role of Chulbul Pandey once again in Dabangg 2? Well, there’s good news for all the Salman Khan fans. The ‘Tiger’ will have a deadly weapon in the sequel that will help him kill all the baddies. Wondering what this weapon is? It is a special metallic ball like a yo-yo that swings back to the thrower after hitting the target.

This weapon has been named as the ‘Metallic Machine’.

Producer of the film as well as Salman’s older brother, Arbaaz Khan told a news agency: “There is everything in the film that audience would expect from their Dabangg hero. The film by itself has a larger than life setting while Salman too would be seen as a larger than life character. You would see heroism and all that is Chulbul Pandey’s trait.”

Dabangg 2 will again have Salman Khan pairing with Sonakshi Sinha. Arbaaz Khan and Vinod Khanna will reprise their roles. Prakash Raj plays the villain.

The film is going to hit theaters on christmas this year. Arbaaz Khan says every effort is being made to make Dabangg 2 grittier, more action-packed than Dabangg.

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