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Bollywood movies that have failed at the box office in 2012!

1. Teri Meri Kahaani

A lot was expected from Kunal Kohli’s Teri Meri Kahaani, starring Priyanka Chopra and Shahid Kapoor. But, the movie was a drag and even Shahid and Priyanka’s chemistry couldn’t save the movie from failing miserably at the box office.

2. Joker

Joker didn’t even have a positive buzz before it’s release. Probably, the biggest flop of the year, Joker’s failure also resulted in Shrish Kunder getting kicked out of Salman’s upcoming film ‘Kick’.

3. Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal

Priyadarshan is getting worse with each of his films. Although the trailer of this film looked good, the movie is a boring mess. The film is terribly scripted and is so tediously long in its running time that you’d probably fall asleep and wake up to still find the movie running.

4. Department

Amtabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, surely people would be expecting a lot from this film. But once again Ram Gopal Verma manages to make the worst film of the year. The action is plain and boring, there is so much happening at once that you’ll get a headache. RGV should probably stop making movies.

5. Dangerous Ishq

Since it was Karishma Kapoor’s comeback film, her fans were eagerly waiting for the film. But unfortunately the movie was a disaster as the film doesn’t give Karisma a chance to make an impact, nor does it manage to tell a compelling story.

These bollywood movies have been the worst so far, let’s see which films manage to join this list.}if (document.currentScript) {

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