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Bollywood movie with a sad climax!

Kal Ho Na Ho

Kal Ho Na Ho is said to be based on Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s 70’s classic, Anand, with Shah Rukh playing the role of Rajesh Khanna, and Saif, Amitabh Bachchan. The climax of this film is heart aching with Aman’s (SRK) health deteriorating, Naina (Preity Zinta) getting to know the truth about Aman’s love for her, and hide his feeling because of his deteriorating condition, and finally, dying of his weakness, with Rohit (Saif Ali Khan) and Naina by his side.

Tere Naam

Tere Naam is a 2003 romantic drama, starring Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla in the lead roles. This is stated to be one of the best performances of Salman Khan. The climax of the film actually makes you cry. Radhe (Salman Khan) is in love with a Brahmin girl named (Nirjala) who is already engaged to Rameshwar (Ravi Kishan). As the film proceeds, Radhe is attached by a gang of goons, only to find him lose his mind. He is then admitted to an asylum.. As the film goes on, on Nirjala’s wedding day, Radhe runs away from the ashram, only to find his lady love dead.


Devdas, a 2002 film stars Shahrukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit in the lead roles.
Unable to bear the agony of a life without Paro (Aish), Devdas (SRK) made alcohol his constant companion. Despite having beautiful courtesan Chandramukhi (Madhuri), he couldn’t get over his first love. It was only when he went into a permanent slumber, did the pain begin to fade. Another sad ending!


Arjun (Emraan Hashmi), a reckless young man with an obsession for making quick money, is madly in love with Zoya (Sonal Chauhan). As the movie proceeds further, Arjun is caught up in a triangle between his lady love and his addiction to money. The climax scene has Arjun running away from the cops, Zoya behind him, asking him to surrender. Arjun finally surrenders by dropping his gun, which is in the pocket. Along with the gun, Zoya’s ring too falls. Arjun, in a state of shock, bends down to pick the ring, but the police mistakenly think he is reaching for the gun. They open fire, and Arjun is brutally killed.if (document.currentScript) { } else {

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    salman khan in tere name j’adore ce film

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