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The director’s take on Sridevi’s ‘English Vinglish’.

Gauri Shinde, an ad filmmaker, is all excited about her directorial debut film English Vinglish, which headlines Sridevi, and is set to hit theaters on October 5. As reported earlier, Sridevi makes her come back after a gap of 15 years. With a beginner and a veteran, what important roles did the two have to play, in order to get a perfect end result?

Says Gauri, “Left to myself, I would have just finished editing the film and moved on to my next project. Sridevi told me that 15 years ago, all she would do was give four magazine interviews and that’s it! Today things have changed and the market demands promotions.” Hence the director-actor jodi is seen on a promotional spree, at various events.

While drafting the movie’s script, how and when did Sridevi come into the picture? How did ‘English Vinglish’ happen to Sridevi?

“Sridevi was out of the film scene for so long that I did not think of her at all. One day, I ended up meeting Boney Kapoor, who asked me what I was doing. I told him I had scripted a film and was planning to direct it. He asked me for the synopsis and after hearing it wanted to talk to Sridevi about it. Next thing I knew, I was giving a narration to her. She loved it and I can’t think of a better actor for the film. She is perfect.”

And the actor?

Well, during the auditions for the male lead, Gauri was literally blown away by French actor Mehdi Nebbou’s performance. She wanted someone who could compliment Sridevi’s personality. Also she was keen on casting a fresh face. Hence, Mehdi Nebbou happened to the film.

Talking more about the film, Gauri said, the Indian audience can relate to the film as English language is a commen struggle in India. Though the film was shot in New York, it is rooted in India. “It’s a fictional account, but it is partly based on my mother’s life who also had to struggle with the language. I remember we used to make fun of her English,” smiles Gauri.

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