Rani Mukherji’s effortless belly moves in ‘Aga Bai’.

Amit Trivedi gets into his signature style with his latest track from Aiyyaa, titled ‘Aga bai’. The Electronic Dance Music number is beautifully sung by Shalmali Kholgade and Monali Thakur, and Rani Mukherji mesmerizes her fans with her sexy belly moves. Her frequent ‘oohs’,’ aahs’ and ‘aiyyaa’ are really working well for the actress. We are actually running out of words to describe this gorgeous lady.

Rani’s killer moves have been choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant. Learning the dance steps wasn’t a cake walk for the actress. However, the talented Vaibhavi made it a little easy for her with a simple secret. According to the choreographer, first breathe in and breathe out, and while you do it, sway the hips sideways, and then feel the chocolate sauce dripping off your stomach.

Hmm! So now we know why Rani looked so much at ease through out the song.

Aga Bai is the third item track by Rani. Looks like Aiyyaa is already a hit!

4 thoughts on “Rani Mukherji’s effortless belly moves in ‘Aga Bai’.

  1. she is imitating katrina kaif in shela ki jawani and kareena also imitated katrina in halkat jawani all of them started to imitate katrina kaif in the dirty dance

    1. …. sake this is so irritating that every song and dance
      move has to be compared to Katrina. You people need to get over that seriously.
      This is nothing like “sheila ki jawani” what so just because she is doing abit
      of belly dancing that means she’s imitating Katrina? You do realise they have
      been told to dance like that by a choreographer!!!

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