“Shahrukh Khan is an institution of acting”!

Varun Dhawan who will be seen in ‘Student of The Year’, was also an assistant director to Karan Johar on the shoot of My Name Is Khan. He says he learned a lot from Shahrukh Khan at that time.

Varun said, “During that film, his script used to be scribbled with notes. I used to take the scripts to him and asked him what it is? It was all his references, his homework. So we could just learn by looking at him.”

“He is an institution of acting, the way he functions, the way he goes about his work, you could just learn by looking at him,”
added the 24 year old.

Shahrukh Khan is also co-producing Student Of The Year. The film will hit theaters on October 19th.

One thought on ““Shahrukh Khan is an institution of acting”!

  1. Shah. Rukh Khan is an Institution in all that he do, he is simply The Rreal Icon of India, and after comming Taj Mahal

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