Sonakshi Sinha happy to work with Imran and Ranveer!

With Imran Khan as her co star in ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAAI – 2, Sonakshi Sinha is finally in the company of actors who are in her age group. Still, in recent films, she has been paired opposite stars who are all 40 plus. And many of her upcoming films are also with stars who are above the age of 40. So, working with Imran and Ranvir in her next two films, Sonakshi finally is working with actors of her age group.

“Absolutely, and why should I shy away from that? See, when I started off then people said I was working with so many 40+ stars. Then also I had said that with time I will move on to younger heroes as well. Today I am working with Ranveer (LOOTERA) and Imran who are people of my age. I feel it’s a good balance. I would be stupid not to do films with Akshay, Salman, Ajay or anyone else from their age group. I am sure anyone in my place would be more than glad to be paired opposite them,” Sonakshi said.

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