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Bollywood Box office: Releases this Friday!

Come Friday 28 September, we have three films hitting the Bollywood box office.

‘Deewana Main Deewana’ starring Govinda and Priyanka Chopra, directed by K C Bokadia, genre Romance, Thriller.

Govinda plays the character of an easy going person who wants to win PeeCee heart. He does anything and everything rediculous to impress her. He goes on lying and making one after another mistake. Initially, she hates him but as the movie progresses her hate for him may just change ibnto love. Watch the film to know what happens later.

Our Pre-Rating: 1/2 out of 5

‘Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal’ starring Nana Patekar, Shreyas Talpade, Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav, directed by Priyadarshan, genre comedy.

It is the remake of of a popular malayalam film of Dileep called Marykkundoru Kunjaadu. Shreyas Talpade (Jonny) is a little chicken who is afraid of everything and everyone. He is a jobless guy and besides buying lottery tickets every week, he does nothing. The only thing that keeps him moving is his love for daughter (Madhurima) of the village’s biggest gunda (Paresh Rawal). Paresh Rawal make sure his daughter and Johnny never marry, until one fine day, a strong but a hungry man (Nana Patekar) comes into the scene.

Our Pre-Rating: 3 out of 5


‘OMG Oh My God’ starring Paresh Rawal, Mithun Chakraborty, Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha, directed by Umesh Shukla, genre comedy.

The film is adapted from a highly acclaimed Gujrati play named “Kanji Virrudh Kanji”. The story revolves around an antique shopkeeper who takes god to court, on destruction of his shop due to a tornado.

Our Pre-Rating: 3 out of 5

From these three, most likely, ‘OMG Oh My God’ is set to rock at the box office.

So which film of the three do you have in mind for this weekend???

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