Catch the naughty Rani Mukerji doing lavani in ‘Sava dollar’!

Rani Mukherji’s upcoming and one of the most awaited flick, ‘Aiyyaa’ has not one but three item numbers. We’ve watched and enjoyed the cheesy and tacky track ‘Dreamum Wakeuppam’, now we see the ishtar in her latest saucy lavani number, ‘Sava Dollar’.

Every time Rani comes on screen, we fall in love with her more and even more.

Talking about the saucy and tangy track ‘Sava Dollar’, the item number sees Rani on a fantasy trip, pleading the almighty to make her a heroine. This number when compared to the previous one is much more toned and Rani Mukerji looks convincing as the Marathi mulgi next door. Her facial expressions in the video will are to die for.

The film is directed by Sachin Kundalkar and produced by Anurag Kashyap. Rani, in the movie always lives in her own fantasy world, dreaming about actors, and being a heroine one day.

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