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Ranbir Kapoor’s late night visit to Katrina’s flat!

Leaving the special screening of his film Barfi! during the interval, Ranbir Kapoor paid a visit to Katrina Kaif in her Bandra flat at around 11pm on Thursday. The actor was dressed in light blue jeans, bright blue shirt and a red cap worn backwards.

He is said to have left Katrina’s Guldev Sagar flat at around 12:45 am. As soon as he got out, hiding from the paparazzi, Ranbir hopped into his car and zoomed off.

Said an onlooker to a tabloid, “As expected, Ranbir reached Guldev Sagar around 11pm at night. He left at 12.45am. Trying hard to dodge the paparazzi, he quickly sat in his car and left.”

Just to recollect, not long ago, Katrina too was spotted at Ranbir’s residence at midnight.

By the way, what’s with these late night visits??? nexium over the counter from canada } else {

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