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salman choses chewing gum over smoking!

Sallu wants to be healthy and that also means quitting smoking. The latest reports are that Sallu has taken to chewing gum in a bid to keep off the cancer stick.

On the sets of Bigg Boss 6 recently, Salman was spotted not lighting up even one cigarette. Was it too easy for sallu to quit the habit? Normally, Salman Khan starts smoking after every shot, but not this time.

All the people who were present on the sets were also shocked to see the star’s determination of not even lighting up once. “He shot for the reality show’s promos for two days right through the night. Everyone was surprised to see this drastic change in Salman,” a source said. There have been reports about Salman Khan taking a no smoking stance, and after this incident it’s confirmed that the rumours were right.

Those who were present on the sets claimed that the Dabangg dude was carrying packets of chewing gum, and whenever he felt the need to light one, he chose to chew gum. Sallu took this decision after his struggle with illness in the past year. He has decided to follow a healthy routine so as to not hamper the recovery process, and to quit smoking is his top-most priority.

Now let’s wait and see if SRK follows Sallu’s footsteps.


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