“I don’t want the national award” : Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor who is gearing up for her best performance of her life in ‘Heroine’, says that she has put in her best for the movie and hasn’t done it to win awards.

“I don’t want the national award… I seriously don’t need any such thing. I would only want the audience to go and watch the film once and that will be more than enough for me. Once everybody should see the movie and say it is a good watch.” Bebo said in a recent interview.

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6 thoughts on ““I don’t want the national award” : Kareena Kapoor

  1. Kareena KRAPoor only said this because she knows that Priyanka Chopra’s a better actress & will earn all the praise for her upcoming role in BARFI!!! Who gaveKareena the impression that she even deserves the National Award anyway? Oh I kncaow, it’s her hired PR reps who keep planting stories in the edia & are trying to brainwash people into thinking Kareena is the #1 actress. Puh-lease! She can’t hold a candle to Priyanka, Vidya, Rani or Kajol. Kajol if you’re out there, we miss you!

    1. you are right kareena thinks that she is the only and the last actress in bollywood she can’t see the succes of other actresses or mabe she doesn’t want to see it  she just want’s to see herself

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