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Bipasha basu Talks about her liplock with Emraan in Raaz3!

Bipasha Basu is known for her sexy image. However one doesn’t usually find her indulging in any lip-locks. After rejecting liplocks with actors in many other films of hers, she decided to just let go of her rule in RAAZ 3. Reason behind that was not any convincing by the Bhatts but the fact that she feared audience backlash, considering the fact her co-star was Emraan Hashmi.

A source said, “There was no way she could have avoided kissing in the film. Emraan’s loyal audience expects him to kiss in each of his films. Period. He was anyways going ahead with Esha Gupta. However if he would have missed out getting intimate with Emraan, there would have been an audience backlash and loss would entirely have been Bipasha’s.”

Bipasha confirmed this saying, “I was in fact laughing with Emraan the other day that due to his image, there was no scope of any discussion whatsoever around a kiss being dropped. If I would have done that, I am sure audience would have hit me. Sometimes you have to just play along with audience expectations.”

Let’s see if the audience is happy with Bipasha’s role in the film.

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  1. Myopinion

    September 6, 2012 at 8:06 am

    It’s such a shame how desperate Bipasha has become for attention ever since John left her. Disgusting attention seeker! She should focus on learning how to act! It’s been 10 yrs! 

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