Aishwarya Rai poses like a goddess in the latest Kalyan Jewellers print ad!

Aishwarya rai

Its finally out. Well, here is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan on the poster of Kalyan Jewellers ad for the Nimah Divine collection.

Carrying a lotus in her hand, Aishwarya poses like a dance-goddess. There is a bit of skin show too and she looks a bit voluptuous, which suits her goddess like image for the ad.

What do you think of this poster?

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40 thoughts on “Aishwarya Rai poses like a goddess in the latest Kalyan Jewellers print ad!

  1. This black buffalo is getting fucked in both holes…butthole is reserved for her PA in Law and her stinky black loose pussy gets used by her ugly monkey husband plus her old ugly MA in law

    1. What’s this horrible comment?  Sick & frustrated wild buffalo and a sinner. Do not insult people like this. Hey ugly & dirty pig go and consult a Pshychiatrist.

  2. Aishwarya is making millions and these comments are pointless.  Do you think she really cares what anyone thinks?  If she did she would quit now but she’s not.  Think on that.  Team Ash!!

    1. well we are free to give our opinions whether it’s positive or negative we are the viewers and the actor is working for the viewers .. as actor she should take viewers comments into consideration the viewers who makes the actor succeful or loser

  3. She looks gorgeous.  I’m sure the comments are from non-parent, prepubesent nimrods who don’t know what it is to be pregnant, lose weight etc.  Still she’s making her money, even with some weight.  Self hate is a bad thing, indians!

    1. because she is mother she should take care of her daughter and leave work for a while at least ……but she is greedy she wants money every minute and every second the money is her life

  4. her baby is about 5 months and aishwarya doesn’t want to lose any chance … at least she should take a break for 1 year then come back to ads and films … money and fame is not more important than being a mother

  5. what the hell is this oh god?? she looks like man just look at her face it’s horrible….. after this picture i think Cann Fistival will not invite her next year

  6. I feel that she shud retire…it looks like shes desperate, I dont understand they have money fame evrything but still want more……….

    1. actor never satisfies with what he or she has … yes they have money but they want more and they have fame but still want more but all of them end up with bankruptcy …. and ash after few years maybe 2 years nobody will cast her in films coz she is getting old and the film industry looks for young actresses

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