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Only Ram Gopal Verma knows the recipe for a flop Salman Khan film!

Anything Salman Khan touches nowadays turns into gold. With Ek Tha Tiger smashing many records, it looks like Salman is invincible at box office. But now Ram Gopal Verma claims to know how a Salman Khan movie can flop at the box office.

He first tweeted, “The only reason Salman khan ever made flops is whenever he mistakenly assumed that his directors knew more than him! Whether salman khans directors are x y z or 1 2 3 or Latin Greek German it’s inanely incidental and incidentally inane.”

He then revealed the formula for a flop Sallu movie.

He wrote, “I think from now on the only way Salman khan can ever hope to have a flop is if he ever does a film with me!”

Incidentally (not inanely), Ram Gopal Varma’s iconic flop movie Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag released on August 31 which is also the date when Shirish Kunder’s Joker released a few days back, and both the films were pathetic and a disaster at the box office.

When Ramu read this, he tried to use a little bit of humor saying, “noooooooo pls don’t let me share my credit with anyone else pleeeaasseeeeeee!”

Well, maybe Ram Gopal Verma needs to find some work to forget his bad fare at the box office.

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