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Esha Gupta takes tips from Emraan Hashmi in ‘Raaz3’!

Emraan Hashmi who played a director in The Dirty Picture, will be seen once again as a filmmaker in Raaz3. But he says this time around he just looks at the profit and doesn’t consider film making an art.

He said, “In ‘The Dirty Picture’, I played an artistic director and here I play a 2012 director. He (the character in ‘Raaz 3’) is more contemporary and relatable. He only wants box office success and there (in ‘The Dirty Picture’) he had complete contempt for commercial cinema, he used to think that commercial movies are not good. So both are very different.”

Raaz3 is the story about the downfall of an actress and how she uses black magic to try and get her position on the top back. Produced by Mukesh Bhatt and directed by Vikram Bhatt, Emraan Hashmi will be seen romancing Bipasha and Esha Gupta.

Talking bout Esha Gupta, Emraan said, “In her first film (‘Jannat 2’), she didn’t get to act much, but in this film she did. Her role is very difficult because it is of a rising star that is vulnerable and loses control of who she is.” adding he gave her tips whenever required.

“She doesn’t need me to be her idol and I think she is a good actress. Whenever I get the chance, I used to give her tips.”

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