Saif-kareena kapoor wedding bells to ring in October!!

And once again, Saif and kareena kapoor are in the news for their wedding… Reports have it that their wedding will take place in October this year.

Saif’s mom Sharmila Tagore told reporters yesterday, “The wedding would take place in October.” However, this time, Mrs Tagore refused to divulge the exact date. Well, this is not the first time that mommy Tagore spoke about her the couples wedding. Earlier too, a date was fixed by her.

She also said that the wedding will take place either in Mumbai or New Delhi and not in Pataudi, their ancestral home.

“It would be a small family affair,” Sharmila Tagore added.

Mommy Tagore wants her son Saif to reveal the exact date to the world.

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5 thoughts on “Saif-kareena kapoor wedding bells to ring in October!!

  1. Would they just hurry up and get married already – its getting tiring hearing about all the hoo-haa surrounding dates venues and whatever else!

  2. KAreena make ur mind up when ur getting married who knows tomorrow u will change the date again nd plz convert into Islam actually U should b4 getting married love

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