Bollywood Poll: Upcoming films..

Which flick you can’t wait to watch?

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23 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Upcoming films..

  1. barfi is quite watch worthy..  i don’t want to see heroine ..a waste of my money to spend on a talentless air head like kareena

  2. Barfi-because its something different finally
    And im actually pretty excited for english vinglish which is releasing on the same day as ishq in paris. I love preity but i feel english vinglish has more potential:)

  3. Im looking forward to Barfi – looks really good and different! Although I like preity zinta as an actress i dont think her film will do very well… And as for heroine – its going to be very similar to movies like fashion and TDP!

  4. Well… I luv both Priety and Kareena so, yeah, it would be both Ishq in Paris and Herione. I’m not really a Ranbir Kapoor fan.. :-S

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