Bollywood Poll: Aishwarya Rai and her co-stars…

Who makes the best pair???

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49 thoughts on “Bollywood Poll: Aishwarya Rai and her co-stars…

  1. I don’t understand y people likes this looser (Srk) he is just a CRYBABY, he does nothing other then crying:(  its funny how he sissifies comedy, horror or any other genre of movie)  He needs to learn that movies are not only about crying!! Be more realistic maaan and act like a man . Can’t you all see legendary Amir?? how come this looser is a king?

    By the way Best pair will be Ash and Hrtik:)

  2. Hrithik and Aish are international superstars whereas Salman is so ghetto-men. No matter what Indian think about Aish and Hrithik, they both are well recognize and appreciated by the outside world. Way to go H+A love both of your acting in Guzaarish.     

  3. of course salman and aish,we all know that..
    that’s why since she doesnt make movie with salman ,all her movies are flop..

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