Prachi to romance Sanjay Dutt in her next!

We had earlier reported that Prachi Desai’s next flick will be opposite Sanjay Dutt, who is like double her age. The movie is a Hindi remake of 2003 Tamil blockbuster, Saamy, and is directed by KS Ravikumar.

Prachi aged 25 will be romancing Sanjay Dutt who is 53. Will this age gap be a hindrance in their on-screen chemistry? Well, the actress is not worried about the age difference as she had started her career at the age of 17, where she had to romance a much older actor on her debut TV show Kasamh Se.

“I was 17 when I made my TV debut as Bani in the TV show Kasamh Se. Bani is married to the much-older Jai, played by Ram Kapoor. I wasn’t sure if I could pull off that role as I was new to acting. Now, I’m more confident,” Prachi said, while speaking to a tabloid.

Romancing an older man, on-screen is what Ms Desai always wanted to do.
“I’ve always wanted to be paired with an older actor, be it Sanjay or Ajay (Devgn), because I feel the older man-younger woman angles make for interesting plots,” says Prachi.

In the Tamil flick, Trisha was the main female lead, who played a college girl. Prachi’s role will remain the same with a lot of changes from the original.

This looks interesting!

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