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It’s not easy to Scare Esha Gupta!

Esha Gupta, who started her career with Jannat2 is now gearing up for her next film, Raaz3. However, Esha says it’s tough acting in a horror film if u don’t get scared easily in real life.

Esha said, “I love watching horror films because I don’t get scared easily. So for me it was like, ‘Arey, kaise karungi ye main (How will I do it!)… when I don’t get scared, how am I going to act that I am scared, I can’t do it’.”

But the 26 year old gives full credit to director Vikram Bhatt for guiding her all the time throughout the shoot.

“I don’t think any one could have made me do what Vikram (Bhatt) has made me do. The whole imagination and expressions… I think the whole credit goes to the director,” said the model turned actress.

The film is based on black magic, but personally Esha doesnt believe in black magic.

“I don’t believe in black magic. But, I mean its never happened to anyone around me or to me, touchwood. I just think if there is good, there is (also) bad,” she added.

Raaz3 hits theaters on september 7th and also features Emraan Hashmi and Bipasha Basu.

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