Deepika padukone- Ranveer getting a little too close???

Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone seem to have become best buddies in B-town. If buzz is to be believed, the duo were spotted at a suburban five-star, all by themselves, that too at 4 Am.

Earlier too, both Ranveer and Deepy were seen dining along with friends, not once but at several occasions. Hmm… so what’s cooking between them???

Well, it so happened, on Saturday, Aug 18, Deepika left the Ambani’s party and headed straight for the hotel, where she met Ranveer at the first-floor restaurant. It was 4am.

They then caught up over food, chatting and laughing for a couple of hours and later went their ways.

Sources say that the charming Ranveer is more than happy showering attention on the gorgeous Deepika, while DP doesnt mind hogging the limelight.

Looks like they are the confirmed pair for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s ‘Ram Leela’.

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4 thoughts on “Deepika padukone- Ranveer getting a little too close???

  1. I agree…i don’t get wat other girls see in him…he’s ugly…
    she can do alot better. I want her to go back to Ranbir Kapoor. 

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